Simple and Cute One Line Quotes on Love

13+ Simple & Cute One line Quotes On Love

Love is a great relationship after a friendship that we can choose ourselves. Understanding is the essential foundation to build a relationship between both. You only get more beautiful love from your partner while you learn and do forgive. If not, there is a chance to arise break in your relationship.

As well, you should express your feelings with your partner is required to strengthen your relationship. Then, Some lovers can express their love in actions and some others express their love in cute words.

If you want to express your love in words then Here you have a look at the following simple and cute one line quotes on love that best for your husband, wife, girlfriend (her) or boyfriend (him). And share these proposals with your loved ones also.

1. I am happiest when I’m right next to You.

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2. I didn’t choose you, My heart did.

3. I found love when I found You.

4. I love you and thanks the beginning and end of everything.

5. I want to hold your hand when we are 80 and say that we made it.

6. I’m much more me when I’m with You.

7. If I know what love is, It is because of You.

8. Just when I think that it is impossible to love you any more, You prove me wrong.

9. Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.

10. Love is not what you say, love is what you do.

11. Love is when the other person’s happiness is more important than your own.

12. Loving you never was an option. It was a necessity.

13. My day starts and ends with the thoughts of You.

14. My heart is most beautiful because I kept you in my Heart.

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15. The best feeling is when you look at him And he is already staring.

16. The only one person who my heart belongs to is YOU!

17. There are only two times that I want to be with You. Now and Forever.

18. When I look into your eyes, I know I have found the mirror of my soul.

19. Where there is Love, There is Life.

20. You make me feel so proud being in love with You.

21. Your cute smile is all. I need to battle all struggles in my life.

22. You’re all the thoughts in my head And all the love in my heart.

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